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Rigid vinyl (including vinyl siding) is completely recyclable as it is a thermoplastic; however, the infrastructure and logistics to recycle vinyl siding may be limited in certain regions of the U.S. and Canada.

Check with your local center for requirements on vinyl siding recycling. Services vary based on location.
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About Us

Rigid vinyl (including vinyl siding) is designed for recyclability, and you can help fulfill its lifecycle. When you recycle rigid vinyl, it goes back into the manufacturing process, where it’s ground down and reused to create new products—including piping, decking, flooring and even more rigid vinyl. It’s all part of our more than 50-year commitment to eliminate waste. By making it easy to recycle rigid vinyl, everyone can participate in the sustainable lifecycle—including you.
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Recycling Stats

2021 - 41,000 lbs. 
2022 - 84,000 lbs.
2023 - 400,000 lbs.+ 

Recycling quantities are post-consumer recycled rigid vinyl materials collected and recycled as result of the efforts of the NE Ohio Pilot project which operated from 2021-2023.

For every 10% of recycled content used in new product, a 5% reduction in carbon footprint is realized!

Determined by using Life Cycle Impact Assessment data from Vinyl Siding Environmental Product Declaration, EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, Carbonfund, and the International Energy Agency.


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