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About Us

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Rigid vinyl is designed to be recycled, but only with your help. The Revinylize™ Recycling Collaborative is a recycling initiative that includes dedicated installers, recyclers, collection sites (i.e. distributors and landfills) and many other advocates, in partnership with the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) and verified by GreenCircle Certified.

Our vision: make it as easy as possible to recycle vinyl material. Together, we can build connections between stakeholders at each step of the waste disposal process, helping to divert and reclaim as much vinyl material as possible away from landfills. ​




Recycling With Your Help

As a collaborative member, you can take concrete steps to help meet our goal to increase the amount of post-consumer rigid vinyl material recycled in the U.S. by 5 million pounds in 2025.
Why do we need your help to close the loop on the lifecycle of vinyl products?

  • Today’s scrap, tomorrow’s products. Recycled vinyl material can go right back into the manufacturing process to be ground down and reused to create new building products.

  • Recycling made simple. Select recycling locations offer collection container delivery and pick-up service for your job site. 

  • Lower footprint, big impact. By helping us increase the amount of recycled vinyl material, you can help an average house using vinyl siding with recycled content reduce its carbon footprint by 47.5 kilograms of CO2 equivalent.