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Our Vision

The Revinylize™ Recycling Collaborative is a coalition of dedicated installers, recyclers, distributors and manufacturers in partnership with the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) whose recyclers are verified by GreenCircle Certified to recycle post-consumer rigid vinyl.

Make it as easy as possible to recycle rigid vinyl material. Together, we can build connections between stakeholders at each step of the waste disposal process, helping to divert and reclaim as much vinyl material as possible away from landfills. ​

Join the movement today and help us close the loop on the lifecycle of rigid vinyl products.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Choosing sustainability means choosing efficiency. And vinyl siding is efficient at every stage, from its resource-conscious manufacturing to its simple maintenance and onward to its easy recycling. Vinyl siding manufacturers are making steady and conscious progress at every step to lessen this material’s carbon footprint. In fact, our carbon emissions have decreased 15% over the life cycle of vinyl siding in the past decade. That’s 9.8 kg of CO2 per 100 square feet. And we continue to invest in meaningful progress with our members to help address global warming with resilient and sustainable building materials.
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Sustainability News

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National Green Building Programs

Why get a National Green Building Certification? There are many reasons: increase in property value, qualify for tax credits, but most importantly, a building or community with NGBS certification recognizes green construction and adds a cost saving benefit from the amount of energy that will be saved over the lifespan of the structure, which will promote better occupancy rates.
Below are three nationally recognized programs that offer vinyl siding green credits.

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